Ryan Klassen is a husband, father and aspiring Mennonite theologian. The title, “Five Minutes to Get Acquainted” is an homage to his Mennonite background, where the saying “Five minutes to get acquainted, ten minutes to get related” refers to the communal bonds and interwoven family relationships among ethnic Mennonites. It also connects to his interest in ecumenical theology and his conviction that the first step in Christian unity must include getting to know Christians from different theological traditions, both on a personal and theological level. Taking five minutes to truly get to know another tradition (and not just a caricature) is the only way to move beyond our divisions and figure out how we are truly related to one another as the body of Christ. This blog will involve both of these aspects; a Mennonite theological identity striving for greater participation in the broader Christian tradition. Ryan is also a fan (and part-owner) of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. While this is not strictly related to anything else, it does form a significant element in his self-identity (i.e. he bleeds green and white).


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